Lake Superior – 2013

20 September 2013

Click here for pictures from the North Shore this year.

 Click here for a video from the North Shore this year.

14 July 2013

We got a late start to the season this year. Although we were one of the first boats to launch at Port Superior this spring, our first time away from the dock was 7 July! We spent three days in Minneapolis assembling provisions for six weeks and finally departed the city and arrived at the boat about 1800 Saturday, 13 July.

We got much of our provisions stowed yesterday and finished stowing today. We topped off our diesel tank (30 gal usable) and filled our three water tanks (100 gal total). This year we are carrying three 5 gal jerry cans of diesel. We have heard that none of the marinas on the north shore are allowed to deliver fuel at their docks – they were closed down by some Canadian regulation. We also are carrying about 7 gal of gas for the outboard.

We are in the marina waiting for a weather window. It looks like Monday might be the day to head across for Canadian waters.

In addition to the Red Rock Fold Festival, Larry will be doing a concert on 28 July at the Serendipity Gardens in Rossport.

We will have only occasional internet access so I will not be posting very often.

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