Lake Superior

Photos: This page links to photos from our cruises.

We have been sailing the North Shore of Lake Superior for many years. And over that time, we have shot hundreds of photos and many videos. You can click on the pictures on this page to access the photo albums for the past several years.

Click for 2017 photo album

As many of you may know, our 2016 cruising season was cut short due to serious medical issues. These have been largely resolved and we had a wonderful 2017 cruise to the Canadian North Shore. We were aboard Allegro  for seven weeks, six of which were in Canadian waters. I shot nearly 800 pictures which I distilled down to a much smaller number. You can view the 2017 album by either clicking here or clicking the photo to the right.



Click for 2015 album

The Lake Superior sailing season (2015) was delayed slightly because of our family reunion in Montana in mid July. In the end, we spent 5-1/2 weeks cruising along the Canadian North Shore. This included a wonderful weekend at the Red Rock Folk Festival in early August.

Click the picture to access the photo album from the 2015 cruise.

Some links to previous season photo albums

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2014 Album

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Click for 2013 Album

Click for 2013 Album







Allegro at anchor (not Presque Isle)

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Click for 2011 Album

Click for 2011 Album

Click for 2010 Album

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