Folk Music Showcase

I host a monthly Folk Music Showcase at the Underground Music Cafe in Falcon Heights MN. It is always on the second Wednesday of the month. Each month, I invite a folk singer to join me on stage at the UMC. We sometimes pick a theme and exchange songs related to that theme other times, we just swap songs.

During the summer, I will be off cruising aboard my sailboat on Lake Superior. My good friend, Laura Moe, will fill in as the host, usually for July and August.

My Next Showcase (April 12)

To be announced

Past Showcases

 April: Laura Moe, Theme: Songs about people
May: John Kurhahetz, Theme: Cars, planes, trains and boats
June: Brad Dunse, Theme: The human condition
September: Bill Travers, Theme: Is it folk or is it country?
October: John Seymore, Theme: Songs inspired by a place
November: Cathie English, Theme: Songs about people
January: Michael Kac, Theme: Trains, women and the blues
February: Karl Burke, Theme: Love and other stories
March: Jim Cadwell, Theme: Favorite songs over the years
April: Abel Piñeiro, Theme: Favorite song writers
May: Mike Staton, Theme: Songs of Love and Lost Love
June: Dan Rumsey, Theme: Songs of Rambling, Songs of Home
September: Nick Nielsen, Theme: Songs of Rambling, Songs of Home
October: Wayne Hamilton, Theme: Just Plain Singing
November: The Common Ground Company, Theme: Heading Home
December: Roady Tate, Theme: Just Plain Singing
January: Jim Kirkendall, Theme: Just plain folk singing
February: Brian Peterson, Theme: Friendship songs
March: Roger Holmes, Theme: Songs for Singing
April: Fund Raiser
May: Tinka LaLonde, Theme: Songs for Singing
June: Laura Moe, Moe and Larry show
September: Leonard McCracken
October: Sesay
November: T.J. Plenke
December: Laura Moe
January: George Rothenberger
February: Lee Mensinger
March: Laura Moe

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