The Wedding – Part 3

Ceci and Quique with Carlos Fischer

After the ceremony, everyone had a chance to get a glass of beer or wine and mingle and get acquainted – and in some cases, reacquainted. I had met some of Ceci’s friends on my trip in 2007. Local folk singer, Carlos Fischer, was engaged to entertain during the dinner. He performed at the curanto in 2007 and he invited me to sing a couple of songs then.

The food was still in the ground so we had plenty time to meet Ceci’s friends and family. Rather than put many group photos in this blog, I have created a photo album that you can access here. As I go through my pictures, I will be adding more to the album, so keep checking back.

Eventually word was circulated that the curanto was about to be opened! We all eagerly gathered to watch. I didn’t get any still photos of the opening but I did get it all on video. After I get home, I will edit the video into a movie showing the entire curanto event. So, check back in February. Here is a preview of opening the pumpkin with vegetables: OpenPumpkin

Carlos Fischer, aka Chiche Entertained

The dirt was carefully shoveled aside. Then the burlap was peeled back exposing the now wilted leaves. When the leaves were removed, the beautifully cooked meat and vegetables were available. The pumpkins were opened and the vegetables and cheese were stirred.

Everyone was now invited to be seated in the dining hall. The servers brought course after course – each one had a different kind of meat and a different vegetable. The apples had been so well cooked that I ate the seeds without noticing them. All of the meat was juicy and tender, cooked to perfection.

Quique and Ceci

During the meal Carlos entertained us with music and wit. Much of the wit passed over my head because it was in Spanish. But Carlos and I exchanged CDs. During the course of the meal, he called me up to sing a few songs – which I gladly did, and used his guitar which was wired with a pickup.

After countless courses, chairs were pushed back and conversations resumed. In the midst of the conversations, there was a disturbance outside. Sirens were blaring and people ran out to see what was going on. In Argentina, 6 Jan is the day of the three wise men. Chelo Rivas – a good friend of Quique – is also a volunteer fireman.

Ceci and Quique lead the dancing

Each year the firemen dress up as the wise men and deliver candy to kids around the area. Earlier, Chelo had excused himself to attend to a ‘fire’. If fact, he joined the fire truck and directed it to the scene of the wedding and to greet the happy couple. No pictures but here is a quick video: Three Wise Men

After the disruption, the music picked up and dancing started. The rest of the evening was spent between the dance floor, the dessert table for wonderful sweets and the bar for beer and water to replace the sweat.

All in all, it was a wonderful day and a celebration for a wonderful couple. We wish them many many happy years together.



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  1. Les Carpenter says:

    Larry- Mom, Jo & I just purused your blog about the wedding. Thanks. That must have been fun. Have a good trip around the horn! Les

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