This is a site to chronicle the travels of Judy Taylor and Larry Carpenter. Much of our travel during the (northern) summer months will be aboard our sailboat, Allegro. Here she is seen sailing on Nipigon Bay on the north shore of Lake Superior.

Allegro sailing on Nipigon Bay, Lake Superior

At other times of the year, we may be traveling to other places where a sailboat would be quite inconvenient. For example, Larry traveled to Mumbai, India, for two weeks in February-March of 2011 and then again in November-December of 2012. Larry and Judy traveled through much of Patagonia in January 2012. Check out the pictures and videos from that trip which included going ashore on Cape Horn.

Traveling aboard Allegro would have made the trips considerably longer – and perhaps more hazardous depending upon which route would be taken.

We will be taking pictures and shooting video as we travel and we will either be uploading some of them to this site or providing links to external photo albums and videos.

Stay tuned.


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  1. Charlene and Mike says:

    We found your site and will follow your travels! Good to see you again. Our boats sit side by side but we only have fleeting times together!
    Char and Mike

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