The Wedding – Part 2

The ceremony

The wedding party gathered in the sun in front of the dining hall. Paula Lema, a long time friend of  Ceci’s, officiated. As most of it was in Spanish, I was at a disadvantage understanding all that was said. But I did have the video camera rolling for most of it.

Sweeping together

There were several parts to the ceremony: opening remarks, sweeping and jumping the broom, sharing four tastes (lemon, vinegar, pepper, honey), exchanging vows and finally each planted a tree.

Sharing tastes

Some time ago, I was asked to sing a song for the wedding. There was some confusion as to if it was part of the ceremony or to be sung afterwards.

Exchanging vows

I had borrowed a guitar from Ceci’s father, Antonio, and had brought a new set of strings (nylon as the guitar is classical). I installed them the day before. They were still stretching as we left for the wedding. The ceremony was moving along in Spanish when all of a sudden it was announced (in English) that I would be singing a song! The guitar was still in the case and not tuned yet.

Planting trees

I scrambled to get it, quickly tuned it up as best I could and ran back, grabbing a chair as I ran. I got back, sat down and tried to remember the words to “Give Yourself to Love” by Kate Wolf which I had been practicing for weeks. I also had learned the chorus in Spanish which Maria had translated for me. I got through the song with minimal screw ups and the ceremony proceeded to the planting of the tree seeds.

It was a wonderful ceremony. Hugs and kisses were exchanged by all as it ended. We wish Quique and Ceci many happy years of wedded life!

The happy couple!

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  1. Peter Taylor says:

    What an awesome looking couple!

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      You are not the rgluear blog writer, man. You surely have something powerful to contribute to the World Wide Web. Such a good blog. I’ll revisit again for more.

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