India 2012

Larry and Shiv with our partners from Sion Hospital and CTARA

In November 2012, Larry traveled to India with Dr. Shiv Murty. Both are on the board of Toddler Food Partners (TFP). They spent more than 2 weeks mostly in Mumbai and surroundings with an overnight trip to Nagpur to meet with pediatricians working with malnourished children through a large hospital in Nagpur.

Children in a day care center run by SNEHA

TFP works in developing areas of the world through partners that are already working in the area. In Mumbai, we have two primary partners: CTARA and Sion Hospital. We spent most of our trip meeting and working with these partners and getting to know people from SNEHA. SNEHA works closely with the pediatrics department at Sion Hospital doing outreach into the Dharavi slum. They seek out severely malnourished children and bring them into day care centers for treatment with Medical Nutrition Therapy which is made in the production center that TFP help set up and fund.

More specifics of our trip can be found on the TFP website.

Click here for photos of the trip

Click here for photos of a traditional Hindu wedding.



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