Preparing to depart

We are aboard Allegro and preparing to depart today to cross Lake Superior and into the Canadian waters. This will be our annual summer cruise for 5 or 6 weeks. The hard and fast destination is the Red Rock Folk Festival in Red Rock Ontario starting 5 August. We expect to arrive there on the 4th for the evening campfire. As we get access to WiFi (very occasional) I will update this blog and upload some photos.

This morning we will top up our water tanks. We carry 100 gallons of water in three internal tanks. I topped up the fuel tank yesterday and we will carry two 5 gal. jerry cans of diesel fuel. I have plenty of engine oil. I will get extra gas for the outboard. We will load the dinghy onto the foredeck for the crossing. The solar panel is stowed below.

We expect the crossing to take between 20 and 24 hour from our marina to Thompson Island. Here is the location of our destination for those that want to view it on Google Earth: 48 10′.30N; 089 08′.85W


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  1. Peter Taylor says:

    Bon Voyage!

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